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Turn a plain pair of leggings into exciting statement legwear with this unbelievably easy slash and weave technique! Ive seen this method used on a lot of T-shirts, but when I saw it recently on a pair of leggings I thought it looked so good that I decided I had to try it out. It isnt technically a braid, its more like a crochet stitch, but either way, I was honestly shocked at how easy it was and how good it looked. It has exactly the kind of biomechanical aesthetic I love, like stylized spinal column or snake skin made of cloth. I will now have to restrain myself from attacking all my clothes with scissors, and giving them little spines!All you really need to create this look is leggings and scissors, but a few other things help, and there are a lot of design options to play with. In …

Photo via: blog.baliblinds.com

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