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AMBER ROSE – A1108829 Sweetest 6 months puppy ever is on death list today! If you would like to foster or adopt and cant make it to the shelter, please write an email NOW to the Urgent Help Desk at Helpdogs@Urgentpodr.org Their experienced volunteers will assist you one-on-one with rescues and the application process. Transport can be arranged by rescues to the homes of approved fosters or adopters within 3-4 hours of New York City

Photo via: nycdogs.urgentpodr.org

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Branch weaving is sort of a combination of yarn bombing (which I would love to do someday on a massive scale) and a dream catcher. It is different and fun to be able to bring an item from nature into the home as an art piece. I first saw branch weaving on the blog Natural Suburbia when I was searching for a fun craft to do with my son. He is a nature lover and very much a little artist so I knew this would be a perfect project for him. We went out and searched for the perfect small branch for him to weave on. He already knew how to weave so this was a natural progression for him. When he was weaving his branch and I saw how much he enjoyed it I really wanted to try it myself on a larger scale. I added a few patterns …

Photo via: instagram.com

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